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Pre-planning removes the emotional and financial burden often left to grieving loved ones. It also enables you to choose a memorial that is fitting with your lifestyle, interests and station in life. Such a purchase can be made without grief, unhurriedly, and paid for out of current income at today’s prices.

There are many ways to remember a person. You keep their photo in your home and heart. You make a gift to a church or charity in the name of a dear one. And you can also choose to make a permanent, lasting tribute to them that will memorialize them forever.

For most people, the choice is a memorial.

A Memorial is permanent.

  • Made of granite, marble or bronze, it lasts through the ages.

A Memorial is personal.

  • With carvings or drawings to reflect your loved one’s life and interests
  • With symbols to highlight their character and personality
  • With inscriptions to proclaim faith and feelings
  • With insights to your loved one. Everyone seeing it will understand.

A Memorial is history.

  • It provides a record of someone’s life that cannot be lost.
  • By choosing a memorial, you memorialize your loved one and your entire family for future generations to know and remember.

A Memorial is art.

  • It gives you an opportunity to express your love in a manner both enduring and beautiful.